Breakfast Lumpias

Over the years, the Filipino population has been growing significantly in the United States of America. Yet, the Filipino cuisine is one of the least represented Asian cuisines. Why is that? A little background on myself. I’m a 25 year old Chinese-American born and raised in LA County. I never had Filipino food until last year, yet when I did, I was amazed. I was amazed that I was never introduced to this cuisine before as it is delicious. I was amazed that in a society where the food industry is growing as fast as it is, why is Filipino food not as popular as other Asian cuisines? Leelin Bakery & Cafe is here to change that.

Leelin Bakery & Cafe aims to be the pioneer in bringing Filipino food to Mainstream America. This new brand brings a modern ambiance and a new twist on original Filipino dishes. Traditional Filipino dishes are still found here, yet we are constantly testing and developing new twists on dishes. Since we had our Grand Opening of our Cerritos location in April, Leelin Bakery & Cafe has introduced the popular Breakfast Lumpia and Longganisa Burger. Be prepared for more and more new menu developments! If you have a menu idea that you think would be great, please feel free to share! 

Longganisa Burger